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About us

Family owned, operated and argued over restaurant and catering business in Central Pennsylvania. Known for our top quality and great service.  

Owners of Doans Bones

Doan's Bones Barbecue competes

in Kansas City Barbecue Socity sanctioned events all over the region.

The Pit

Where all of the magic happenes on our 4 smokers, doing it the real deal way.  Keeping quality proiorty and consistant no matter the quanity.  A roof over the pit area is our newest addition keeping us Q-ing all seasons, in any weather, sometimes cooking night and day for big events.  Definitely not possable without our knowlegeable staff and hard working TEAM.

Brandon Corvin BBQ competition BBQ winner
competition brisket sliced
ribs on smoker for dinner service
Competition bbq awardes and metals
Mobile wood fired pizza oven on display
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